Butlin and Regi Claire with Leila © Scotsman Publ Ltd

Ron Butlin and Regi Claire with Leila © Scotsman Publ Ltd

As performance duo McSwiss, Ron and I undertake readings, creative writing workshops and teacher training. Our readings of prose and poetry usually include a Q & A, which might touch on the texts themselves, writing in general or even the thrills and spills of being two authors living and working under one roof. The format and content of our workshops and teacher training courses depend on the requirements of organisers and participants. We are flexible!

Feedback and Reviews

Lizzy’s Literary Life, Aug 2010

Thurgauer Zeitung (Switzerland), 27 Mar 2010

West Dunbartonshire Literature Festival: Booked!May 2007

St Galler Tagblatt (Thurgau edition, Switzerland), 18 Sept 1999

‘The event was a great success – the English teachers had read several short stories with 5th-semester classes in advance, and the students found the opportunity to meet and ask questions of the two authors very stimulating. The students were particularly intrigued by Regi’s Swiss connection and the fact that she writes in a language that is not her native tongue, and Ron has an infectious humour (both in his writing and in person) that went down very well indeed.’
Martin Bott, Kantonale Maturitätsschule für Erwachsene, Zürich, Nov 2009

A few of our texts are available online, with accompanying teaching materials devised and written by Fitch O’Connell of the British Council: Regi and Ron (1) Ron (2)



May 31
reading, Kantonsschule Romanshorn, Switzerland



May 20
reading, ‘Edinburgh – an Imaginative Introduction’, AGM Federation of Swiss Societies in the UK (FOSSUK), Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh



Nov 14
reading, The Lark and the Owl, WordPlay, Shetland

May 26 reading, Gymnasium Unterstrass, Zürich, Switzerland



Oct 5
 reading, Portobello Book Festival, Edinburgh

Sep 5 reading, Nairn Book & Arts Festival

Jun 10 reading, Gerichtssherrenstube, Hotel Trauben, Weinfelden, Switzerland

May 24 reading, Kantonsschule Wil, Switzerland

May 23 talk and creative writing workshop, Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich, Switzerland

May 21 reading, Kantonsschule Rämibühl, Zürich, Switzerland

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