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Poem: Forthcoming:
‘The rain is falling’, Death: Lifespan Vol. 12, Pure Slush (Australia)

Poem: Forthcoming:
‘Girl, Woman, Soldier’, Stand

Poem: Forthcoming:
‘Beekeeper’s Creation’, Stand

Poem: Forthcoming:
‘The beginnings of happiness in a fistful of frost’, Stand

Poem: ‘Reckoning’, Earthly Rewards: An anthology of fiction, poetry & experimental writing
ed. Alan McMunnigall, Thi Wurd, 2024 (Print)

And inside the houses, what riches’, The Rialto 101
ed. Michael Mackmin, spring 2024 (Print)

The Process of Poetry: From First Draft to Final Poem: Curated Interviews with Award-Winning Poets – includes a chapter on ‘(Un)certainties’
ed. Rosanna McGlone, Fly on the Wall Press, Dec 2023 (Print)

Poem: ‘Visiting the Peace Yard’, Interpret 10
ed. James Appleby, Oct 2023 (Print and Web)

Poem: ‘All My Words’, Poems in English for Secondary Schools S1-S3
Lesson Plans designed by Aoife Lyall, commissioned by the Scottish Poetry Library
Sep 2023 (Web and Podcast)

Poem: ‘When it is time’, Acumen 106
ed. Danielle Hope, May 2023 (Print)

Poem: ‘Alpine Moon Wood’, Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal 9
ed. Naush Sabah, winter 2022 (Print)

Poem: ‘Sink or swim, or the art of making a cake’, Alternating Current: An anthology of fiction, poetry & experimental writing
ed. Alan McMunnigall, Thi Wurd, Nov 2022 (Print)

Poem: ‘Run, trip, run slipshod blinded into the night’, The Antigonish Review 210 (Canada)
ed. Thomas Hodd, Oct 2022, issue  (Print and Web)

Poem: ‘Somewhere beyond memory’, The Antigonish Review 210 (Canada)
ed. Thomas Hodd, Oct 2022 (Print and Web)

Poem: ‘Like a thousand drums in the night’, Southword 43 (Ireland)
ed. Patrick Cotter, Oct 2022 (Print)

Poem: ‘May 2021: Self-portrait with dandelions’, Under the Radar 29
ed. Jane Commane, Tom Sastry and Matt Merritt, Oct 2022 (Print)

Poem: ‘All my words‘, Best Scottish Poems 2021
ed. Hugh Mcmillan, Scottish Poetry Library, spring 2022 (Web)

Poem: ‘Into the hot, dark heart of our world’, (finalist) Mslexia Women’s Poetry Competition 2021 (Judge: Pascale Petit), 1 Mar 2022 (Print)

Poem: ‘How to become a ghost in four easy steps’, Ambit 246
ed. Kirsty Allison et al, Feb 2022 (Print)

‘Following the Call of the Lord’, Ambit 246
ed. Kirsty Allison et al, Feb 2022 (Print)

Poem: ‘That was then, and then, and then, and this is now’, Acumen 102
ed. Danielle Hope, Jan 2022 (Print)

Poem: ‘All my words’, The Rialto 97
ed. Michael Mackmin, autumn 2021 (Print)

Poem: ‘Wherever you go’, The Rialto 97
ed. Michael Mackmin, autumn 2021 (Print)

Poem: ‘The Last Woman on Earth’, The Best New British and Irish Poets 2019-2021, co-judged Nick Makoha and Amira Ghanim, ed. Amira Ghanim, Eyewear Publishing, 2021 (Print)

‘Even when you’re no longer around you will hear me’, Lost, Looking & Found – an anthology of prose, poetry and images, featuring writers and artists from Edinburgh Literary Salon, Merchiston Publishing,  August 2021 (Print)

Poem: ‘If we have our time again’, Not Dark Yet: Celebrating John Herdman, ed Peter Burnett and Richie McCaffery, Leamington Books, Jul 2021 (Print)

Poem: ‘Costings’, Not Dark Yet: Celebrating John Herdman, ed Peter Burnett and Richie McCaffery, Leamington Books, Jul 2021 (Print) 

Poem: ‘Our Lady of the Snails’, The Rialto 96
ed. Degna Stone, Jun 2021 (Print)

The Other Side‘, Ambit 242 Zoom launch, 1 Feb 2021 (Video)

‘The Other Side’, Ambit 242
ed. Briony Bax et al, winter 2021 (Print)

Poem: ‘The Last Woman on Earth’, Poems for Europe, The New European
10 Dec 2020 (Print)

‘When Our Lives Begin’, The Middle of a Sentence: The Common Breath Short Prose Anthology 2020, The Common Breath, Dec 2020 (Print)

Missing in Edinburgh‘, Pandemic Mediations, What She Might Think, 19 Nov 2020 (Web)

‘(Un)certainties’, The Forward Book of Poetry 2021, Bookmark in association with Faber & Faber, Sep 2020 (Print)

(Un)certainties‘, (finalist) Forward Prize for Best Single Poem 2020
1 Jun 2020 (Web)

‘(Un)certainties’ (excerpt), Poetry Book Society Spring Bulletin 2020 (Print)

(Un)certainties‘, (1st Prize) Mslexia/PBS Women’s Poetry Competition 2019, Poetry Book Society (Judge: Malika Booker), 3 Dec 2019 (Web)

Regi Claire: Mslexia/PBS Women’s Poetry Competition 2019 winner‘, Mslexia 3 Dec 2019 (Web)

‘1st Prize – How I did It’, Mslexia 84
ed. Debbie Taylor, Dec/Jan/Feb 2019/2020 (Print)

‘(Un)certainties’, (1st Prize) Mslexia/PBS Women’s Poetry Competition 2019, Mslexia 84
ed. Debbie Taylor, Dec/Jan/Feb 2019/2020 (Poem; Print)

‘When the bikers blow into town’, (finalist) Eyelands 9th International Short Story Contest – 2019 (‘Around Midnight’), Strange Days Publications, Nov 2019 (Print)

‘Target Practice’, Unthology 11
ed. Ashley Stokes and Tom Vowler, Unthanks Books, 2019 (Print and eBook)

Walking to the End of the World’, Ambit 236
ed. Briony Bax et al, Apr 2019 (Print)

‘Infinite Shades of Blue’, Tears in the Fence 69
ed. David Caddy, March 2019 (Print)

‘Wenn unsere Leben beginnen’ (‘When Our Lives Begin’, translated into German by Karolina Zawistowska), Freedom Papers (Switzerland), docu-theatre by Julia Schwartz, performances on 18/19/20 January and 8/9/10 February 2019 (Audio/Video)

Book Your Stocking: December 6‘, What She Might Think, 6 Dec 2018 (Web)

Degustarea’ (‘The Tasting’, translated into Romanian by Mircea Pricajan), Familia 5/2018 (Romania)
ed. Ioan Moldovan, May 2018 (Print and Web)

When Our Lives Begin‘, Litro Stories Transport You
#FlashFriday, 27 April 2018 (Web)

A Reading Group with a Difference‘, Love Books Group
22 Mar 2018

‘We All Know About Desire’, Weekend Read, For Books’ Sake
26 Jan 2018 (Web)

Book Your Stocking: December 15‘, What She Might Think, 15 Dec 2017 (Web)

‘Regi Claire’, What have the great and the good been reading in 2017?, Herald
2 Dec 2017 (Print and Web)

Fallen Maidens’, Litro Stories Transport You 166, After Dark
ed. Eric Akoto, November 2017 (Print and Web)

‘Van Gogh’s Moth’, Unsettling Wonder 6 (Tales of Kismet),
ed. John Patrick Pazdziora, autumn 2017 (Print)

The Wall‘, Northwords Now 33 (just scroll down to page 5)
ed. Chris Powici, spring 2017 (Print and Web)

‘Regi Claire’, Books 2016: Picks of the Year, Scottish Review of Books
8 Dec 2016 (Web)

‘Regi Claire’, Writers reveal what books have been on their bedside tables in 2016, Herald
26 Nov 2016 (Print and Web)

‘The Tasting’, Weekend Read, For Books’ Sake, 30 Sept 2016 (Web)

‘As If It Were a Game’, Talking About Lobsters: New Writing Scotland 34
ed. Gerry Cambridge and Diana Hendry, Association of Scottish Literary Studies, 2016 (Print)

Resurrecting Mr Jingles’, Litro Stories Transport You 153
ed. Eric Akoto, June 2016 (Print and Web)

‘The Tasting’ (excerpt), Natural Light II, by Angela Catlin
Freight Books, 2016 (Print)

“Regi Claire, novelist and short story writer”, ‘What 50 of Our Leading Literary Figures Read in 2015 and Why‘, Herald
30 Nov 2015 (Print and Web)

Five Dances for Topaz‘, The Literati Quarterly (USA)
ed. Joschua Beres, winter 2015 (Web)

Cigarettes and Astrid Lindgren‘, Summer Library series, What She Might Think, 16 July 2015 (Web)

‘Dear Missing Puzzle Piece’, Airmail: Women of Letters
ed. Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire, Penguin (Australia), 2015 (Print and eBook)

Marta’s Last Wish‘, Northwords Now 29 (just scroll down to page 5)
ed. Chris Powici, spring 2015 (Print and Web)

‘The Tasting’, Champion Fiction, Writing Short Fiction
ed. Bruce Harris, March 2015 (Web)

‘Z for Zigeuner’, The Write Stuff, Scotsman
16 Aug 2014 (Print)

‘Five Dances for Topaz’, Edinburgh Review 139
ed. Alan Gillis, spring 2014 (Print)

‘“Regi Claire”, Books of the Year: Writers’ Choice’
Scotsman, 7 Dec 2013 (Print)

‘Waiting for Nightfall’, Gutter 9
ed. Colin Begg and Adrian Searle, autumn 2013 (Print)

‘The Tasting’, The Best British Short Stories 2013
ed. Nicholas Royle, Salt Publishing, 2013 (Print)

‘”Regi Claire”, Books of the Year: Writers’ Choice’, Scotsman
8 Dec 2012 (Print)

‘The Tasting’, Ambit 210
ed. Martin Bax et al, autumn 2012 (Print)

‘First of August’ (from work-in-progress), Valve 2
ed. Catherine Baird et al, autumn 2012 (Print)

‘Extract from the novel The Waiting’, Gutter 7
ed. Colin Begg and Adrian Searle, autumn 2012 (Print)

‘Flight’, A Little Touch of Cliff in the Evening: New Writing Scotland 30
ed. Carl MacDougall and Zoë Strachan, Association of Scottish Literary Studies, 2012 (Print)

‘The Umbrella’, Gutter 6
ed. Colin Begg and Adrian Searle, spring 2012 (Print)

‘”Regi Claire: Swiss Author of Fighting It“, The Magic Mountain of German Literature (3): (Publisher and Author Recommendations)’, Lizzy’s Literary Life
ed. Lizzie Siddal, 15 Nov 2011 (Web)

‘Hazard of the Job’, Northwords Now 17 (just scroll down to page 10)
ed. Chris Powici, spring 2011 (Print)

‘Fighting It‘ / ’Weiterkämpfen‘, New Swiss Writing 2011 / Neue Texte aus der Schweiz / Nouveaux textes suisses / Nuovi testi svizzeri / Nuova litteratura svizzra (Switzerland)
trans. Ulrich Blumenbach, Solothurner Literaturtage, 2011 (Print)

‘When the Red, Red Robin …’, Murmurations: an Anthology of Uncanny Stories about Birds
ed. Nicholas Royle, Two Ravens Press, 2011 (Print)

The Story Behind Fighting It
final version and podcast: Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres
11 May 2011 (Web)

updated version: Textualities
summer 2009 (Web)

original version: ‘Thursday Soapbox: Regi Claire on Illness and Creativity’, Vulpes Libris
30 Apr 2009 (Web)

‘Cool Room 3’, In Words, WordPowered
1 Dec 2009 (Web)

‘Russian Blue’, Edinburgh Review 126
ed. Brian McCabe, spring 2009 (Print)

‘Walking Down the Line’, Markings 28
ed. John Hudson and Chrys Salt, spring 2009 (Print)

‘The Death Queue’, Stolen Stories
ed. Ryan van Winkle et al, Forest Publications, 2008 (Print)

‘Invisible Partners’, Cleave: New Writing from Women in Scotland
ed. Sharon Blackie, Two Ravens Press, 2008 (Print)

‘Meeting the Exiled Emperor’, One Magazine 5
ed. Martin Belk et al, summer 2008 (Print)

‘Marlene’, (from work-in-progress), Corvaceous
ed. Sharon Blackie, Jun 2008 (Web)

‘Cool Room 3’ (abridged version), Scottish Shorts, BBC Radio 4
3 Jan 2007 (Radio)

‘The Marilyn Monroe of the Meadows, or: Trust Me’, Sandstone Review 9
ed. Moira Forsyth, summer 2006 (Web)

‘Cool Room 3’, Tears in the Fence 43
ed. David Caddy, summer 2006 (Print)

‘Patchouli, Loulou and Opium’, Textualities 1
ed. Jennie Renton, spring 2006 (Print)

‘Snow White and the Prince’, Textualities 1
ed. Jennie Renton, spring 2006 (Print)

‘No Smoke, Goddammit. No Smoke Holes’, Edinburgh Review 117
ed. Brian McCabe, spring 2006 (Print)

‘Fighting It’ (extract), Dreams That Money Can Buy 3
ed. Benjamin Ware and Sarah Lomax, spring 2006 (Print)

‘Women Without Men (Novel Excerpt, Chapter 5)’, Variations 13 (Switzerland)
ed. Sylvie Jeanneret et al, Dec 2005 (Print)

Fighting It’, Scottish Arts Council
Jun-Aug 2005 (Web)

‘Sonntagsschuhe’ (from work-in-progress), orte 140 (Switzerland)
trans. Ueli Schenker, May-Jun 2005 (Print)

‘Pedeapsa’ (‘The Punishment’), Familia 7-8 (Romania)
trans. Magda Danciu, Jul-Aug 2004 (Print)

‘The Punishment’, Scottish Book Collector 7:10
ed. Jennie Renton, summer 2004 (Print)

‘Diessenhofen Bridge’, Chapman 102-103, centenary issue
ed. Joy Hendry, summer 2003 (Print)

‘Invisible Partners’, Word Jig: New Fiction from Scotland
ed. Marie Carter, New York: Hanging Loose Press, 2003 (Print)

‘The Legacy’, Northwords 30
ed. Robert Davidson, winter 2002-03 (Print)

‘”Regi Claire: Switzerland”, Inspired by Dreich Days and Romantic Notions’, Sunday Herald
6 Oct. 2002 (Print)

‘Heat’, Cadenza 7
ed. Jo Good, autumn 2002 (Print)

‘The Death Queue’, Edinburgh Review 109
ed. Ronald Turnbull, summer 2002 (Print)

‘Extract from The Beauty Room’, GaelForce
summer 2002 (Print)

‘Upside-Down World’, (Mole) 1
ed. Pauline Morgan and Nicholas Royle, autumn 2001 (Print)

‘On the Run’, Neonlit: Time Out Book of New Writing, vol. 2
ed. Nicholas Royle, Quartet Books, 1999 (Print)

‘Shelfish Thoughts’, Scottish Book Collector, vol. 6, no. 4
ed. Jennie Renton, spring 1999 (Print)

‘Bellaluna’, Marilynre várva: Mai skót novellák (Hungary)
ed. Gertrud Szamosi, Pro Pannonia, 1998 (Print)

‘In Memoriam’, Shorts: The Macallan/Scotland on Sunday Short Story Collection
ed. Robert Alan Jamieson, Polygon, 1998 (Print)

‘Bellaluna’, New London Writers 3
ed. Alice Wickham and Nichola Cortese, May-Jun 1998 (Print)

‘Super Vanilla’, Northwords 15
ed. Angus Dunn, spring 1998 (Print)

‘Kalsang’s Brother’, Edinburgh Review 99
ed. Robert Alan Jamieson and Sophie Dale, spring 1998 (Print)

‘The Ladies’ Man’ (as Yvonne D. Claire), Quality Women’s Fiction 13
ed. Joanne Good, Oct-Nov 1997 (Print)

‘Clowns, Clowns’ (as Yvonne Claire), Edinburgh Review 97
ed. Robert Alan Jamieson and Gavin Wallace, spring 1997 (Print)

‘Pretutindeni’ (‘Over, All Over and Beyond‘, as Yvonne D. Claire), Unu 77-78 (Romania)
trans. Simina Stef, Jul-Aug 1996 (Print)

‘Breaking the Rules’ (as Yvonne D. Claire), Chapman 85
ed. Joy Hendry, summer 1996 (Print)

‘Getting Rid of the Gods’ (as Yvonne D. Claire), Northwords 9
ed. Tom Bryan, spring 1996 (Print)

‘Over, All Over and Beyond’, (as Yvonne D. Claire), Edinburgh Review 95
ed. Robert Alan Jamieson and Gavin Wallace, spring 1996 (Print)


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